Something to blog about

Welcome to my blog!  It’s been a long time coming but I finally decided what to blog about.  I’ve had a bit of a rough year where my own health is concerned.  At the end of April I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that attacks my thryoid.  Soon after I tested positive for heavy metal toxicity.  And most recently I received a diagnosis of SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth).  Any one of these things would be concerning.  Having all three has been overwhelming.

But, it’s given me something to blog about, so that’s good!  I also think finally getting some answers about my myriad symptoms is positive too.  At least I know what I’m dealing with.  For ages I wondered why I had nutrient deficiencies when my diet has been so clean?  Fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, more and more food sensitivities, periods of constipation competing with sometimes daily diarrhea:  it’s all there, and then some.

When I first heard I had Hashimoto’s I was shocked!  I had several clients with Hashimoto’s but never considered that I could have it too.  I went into a brief period of victimhood – defining myself as a sick person.  But after a while it occurred to me that I shouldn’t let it define me.  That would only make things much worse.  Plus, I’m a nutritional therapist.  This could be an amazing learning opportunity, one that I could share and thereby possibly help somebody else out.

So, I sought more and more answers.  I had more and more tests.  And what they revealed is what I will spend the next many months blogging about.  What they each mean, how I may have gotten them, and most importantly how to deal with them so I can carry on being a healthy person enjoying daily life with my family.

Here starts my journey back to health and my mission of “radical self care”!

Thanks for being here!

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