The Importance of “Opioids”

How many times have you been to a conventional doctor and they prescribe fun, laughter, meditation, yoga, etc?  Yeah, me neither!

And then I tried an “alternative” doctor.  That’s the thing I love about natural and/or functional medicine.  They don’t just look at your list of symptoms and how they might relate to the function of certain organs, then prescribe a pill that masks the symptoms and causes a host of negative side effects, or doesn’t work at all.  Don’t get me wrong.  Conventional medicine in this country is second to none for many acute problems.  If I fall down and break my leg, please send me to an orthopedist.

However, naturopaths and functional medicine docs look at you as a WHOLE system.  I learned a lot about systems theory in graduate school where I earned my masters degree in Systems Counseling.  Individuals don’t exist in a vacuum – everyone and everything around them, past and present, impacts them in some way.  So why does it make sense to isolate symptoms and attempt to match them with pathology, unless of course I’ve broken my leg?  It doesn’t.

I am focusing on healing my body from the inside out.  I take certain supplements to support my digestion, endocrine system, blood sugar balance, and so on.  I’m on an herbal antibiotic regimen to treat my SIBO.  But rest and stress reduction are just as important.  So too is unplugging, connecting with loved ones, and enjoying the company of friends.  And my healing wouldn’t be complete without other self-care measures such as stretching and finding a quiet space each day to clear my mind.  And doesn’t everyone feel better after a good belly laugh?

This is a systemic approach to healing – taking in the whole picture and addressing all of its parts.  It’s how I intend to recover my health.


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