“Don’t Should on Yourself!”

I woke up feeling crappy.  Actually, I went to bed feeling crappy and had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning.  Fatigue, gas, bloating, and nausea…not exactly the way I like to start my day.  Still, I drug myself out of bed, showered, put on my yoga clothes, got the kids up, made them a hot breakfast as always, packed their lunches, got them off to school, washed the sheets, remade the bed, caught up on a few emails, made my own breakfast, washed down all 50-some supplements I take each morning, and starting making a list of all the things I should do today.

All I really want to do is go back to bed.

But what about yoga, and delivering some product to that client who’s been waiting, and grocery shopping, and getting Catie the supplies she needs for a craft project to raise money for those less fortunate, and today’s the last day of “Friends and Family Day” discounts at Fred Meyer, and I should really start marketing my sugar detox classes for the new year, and, and, and…

And then a little voice in my head said “Don’t should on yourself!”  That’s a line I used to use with clients back in my therapist days.  Unless it’s a matter of life or death, all these “should’s” can darn well wait!  It’s okay to say no sometimes.  I scanned my to-do list, reviewed my calendar for the day, and decided it’s more important to my own well being to just rest.  What good am I to my family if I don’t take care of myself and listen to my body?  I don’t mean to make this sound like it’s easy to put myself first.  I’ve been out of practice ever since I had children, and frankly I grew up being a “people pleaser” so it has never come naturally to me.  I know I’m not alone and others must feel guilty too for taking time to rest while their spouses are working hard, things need to get done around the house, other business needs attending to, and so on.  Here’s my unsolicited advice:  Don’t should on yourself!

So if you need me today, you’ll just have to wait.  I’m going back to bed.

photo 2

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