What’s a Sugar Detox?

It’s the new year and you’ve promised yourself to put your health first.  You joined the gym and vowed to get in shape and lose weight.  And after eating your way through one holiday dessert after another, you want to shake your sugar habit.  Sound familiar?

Those are all reasonable goals.  Millions of other people are doing the exact same thing.  Most of them will do a great job of going to the gym two or three times a week.  They’ll even change their diet for the better, and may drop a few pounds.  But giving up sugar?  That might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back!  By February their trips to the gym are fewer and fewer, they’ve all but returned to their regular diet, and giving up sugar is some silly notion that they’ve put out of their minds, maybe forever.

How exactly, does one give up sugar?  It’s in just about everything on the supermarket shelves!  It’s in unexpected places like soup stock, spaghetti sauce, and cans of tuna.  Then there are the hidden sugars with names that don’t even sound like sugar:  Dextrose, malt, beet sugar, mannitol, rice extract, golden syrup, and so on.  We mustn’t leave out the toxic artificial sweeteners (read “chemicals”) like aspartame, rebiana, and sucralose, just to name a few.

Anyone can try to give up sugar for a period of time.  Three weeks is what experts say is needed to form a habit.  Just google “sugar detox” and you’ll get all sorts of help on how to give up sugar for a period of time.  There are a number of books on the topic that are really quite helpful.  But when it comes right down to it, giving up sugar may be one of the hardest thing you’ll ever do.  The key is to not go it alone!

In the RESTART Sugar Detox program that I teach, I lead a group of 6 to 10 people through a gentle but powerful 21-day sugar detox embedded into a 5-week course.  Why 5 weeks when the detox is only three?  Because in order to succeed, you must be prepared.  In week one, I give you the road map you will need to prepare for your detox.  I help you visualize the outcome you hope to reach.  And having a group of like minded people to go through it with, plus my guidance along the entire way, make for the supportive environment you will need to see your goal through to the end.

In the middle three weeks, I add an educational piece where you’ll learn about proper digestion, the importance of blood sugar balance, and how certain fats are critical to optimizing your health.  In week five, just as the 21 days have passed, I show you how to move forward as you reintroduce very slowly some of the foods you removed during the detox.

I’ve taught the course numerous times over the last year and I’m delighted to say I’ve gotten 100% positive feedback from every one of my participants.  They report not only lost weight and inches from their waistlines, but increased energy, better sleep, clearer minds, improved mood, greater productivity, less joint pain, a happier digestive system, and more!

And the number one key to their success?  SUPPORT!  Support from me and maybe even more important, support from one another.

If you missed the recent news story on my sugar detox, you can watch it here:


I run these groups perpetually throughout much of the year.  I bring the detox to your company’s conference room, your living room, or in spaces that I rent in the Portland area.  If you are interested in hosting a RESTART Sugar Detox, please contact me by email at courtney@nourishportland.com or call me at 971-266-0869.

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