RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 3

If I were to give you one piece of advice during your 21-day sugar detox, it would be to keep it simple.  You needn’t reinvent different meals each day.  If something works, repeat it.  If there’s a recipe you’re especially fond of, double it and freeze half for later.  And leftovers can be life saving.

Today’s breakfast was an exact replica of Day 1 – simple pancakes (2 eggs, one green tipped banana per serving), topped with butter, cinnamon, and toasted coconut that I had leftover from my “fat bombs” of the previous few days.  Why pancakes again?  They’re quick, easy, satisfying, delicious, and my kids requested them.

Hot cakes

Besides my daily pint of lemon water, I also enjoyed a cup of decaf coffee.  I quit drinking caffeinated beverages (for the most part) several years ago.  They make me jittery.  Because I can’t do dairy, I use coconut milk in my coffee.  All coconut milk is not created equal.  My favorite brand is A-Roy D from Thailand which I find cheapest (@$3.49 per 32 oz. carton) at my local Asian market.  It’s free of fillers and tastes lovely, especially in coffee.

Aroy D

In my RESTART Sugar Detox class this morning I was reminded of something very important.  We all come to the detox from different diets and lifestyles.  To me, drinking something like 100% coconut milk is a no brainer alternative to dairy.  However, a client made the very valid point that going from her usual non-dairy creamer to coconut milk just wasn’t going to fly.  It’s already a HUGE step for her just to give up that nasty, non-dairy, sugar- and chemical- laden, so-called creamer as it is (not that I have an opinion!).  Joking aside, as the instructor guiding people through this very challenging detox, I must remember to meet people where they are.  She’s opting for heavy cream – the real deal – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I wish I could have real heavy cream!


Dining out is risky business during the detox, but I couldn’t turn down an invitation to go to lunch with a dear friend and fellow detoxer.  We chose a place we knew had good quality food, and at the very least a number of salads to choose from.  When the server came to our table I warned that we would be her toughest customers of the day because we had omitted all sugar, and by the way, I can’t eat gluten, dairy, soy, or corn either.  Without batting an eye, she suggested the salmon special, which we tweaked slightly to leave out a few ingredients, making up for it with added vegetables.  Other than the chef being heavy handed with the salt, it was quite delicious.  We ignored the glaze as the dish really didn’t need it and it looked suspect.  I had to laugh when the waitress brought a huge side of lemon wedges for our water.  “I know how important lemon water is when you’re detoxing,” she chirped.  This particular restaurant is known for their incredibly delicious and creative desserts, but we kept our eyes averted as we walked past the dessert case and headed for the door.  Success!


I felt a minor case of the munchies in the late afternoon as I was contemplating dinner and I decided to test whether or not a small portion of almonds would give me the same digestive discomfort as yesterday.  Luckily they didn’t and they held me over until dinner.

Dinner was a new and fairly simple recipe of Coconut-Curry Mussels from Williams-Sonoma.  I used coconut oil in place of the canola oil and instead of crusty bread to sop up the broth, I made coconut cauliflower rice.  It was really tasty!  (Though, admittedly, I miss crusty artisan bread!)



As far as detox symptoms go, I really haven’t had anything noticeable.  Not yet, anyway.  On we go!

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