RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 4

I love weekend mornings!  I often get up before the rest of the family, don my cozy flannel robe, enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with coconut milk, and start making a big, yummy breakfast.  By the time the bacon’s out of the oven and the sweet aromas from the griddle waft through the house, everyone’s up and ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

My daughter requested pancakes, AGAIN!  I also made a double-batch of the apple pie smoothie as I knew everyone would want some, cooked a full tray of bacon (in the oven, on a metal rack atop a foil-lined jelly roll pan, at 400 degrees for 18 min.), and fried some eggs in lots of real butter.  While the rest of the family ate heaping stacks of pancakes, I opted for just one with my bacon and eggs.


I was pretty full from breakfast when the lunch hour rolled around, so I used the pint of leftover apple pie smoothie from breakfast and added a few handfuls of greens (spinach, Swiss chard, and baby kale).  Got green smoothie?

green mustache(Sorry for the big, scary pic.  I just can’t be serious when taking a selfie.)

green smoothie

Let’s talk about detox side effects for a minute.  I’ve had a couple of clients text me today wondering if their headache, grouchiness, achiness, etc. is normal.  It absolutely is!  Think about it:  We’re ridding our bodies of TOXINS!  As they leave our bodies (through our skin, stool, urine, and even our breath), we can experience a variety of symptoms.  In addition to the ones just mentioned, we may have itchy skin, flu-like symptoms, low energy, fatigue, the blues, and more.

I felt rather fatigued even before that smoothie.  I have Hashimoto’s, an auto-immune disease that effects my thyroid, so it’s hard to say what caused the fatigue.  The thing is, I listened to my body and rested for a couple hours, dozing off for a bit and reading.  It’s not always possible to take a mid-day nap, but if I can, I do.  It’s part of my self-care – a critical measure for anyone on a detox or dealing with a chronic illness.

I just gotta’ say:  Dinner was the bomb!  I heard about this pizza recipe from one of my detoxers who raved about it.  I haven’t had PIZZA since omitting dairy almost a year ago!  I doubled the recipe figuring we could make 4 individual pizzas.  I also added oregano, garlic powder and onion powder to the crust on my client’s recommendation.  The results were amazing (and we each have at least one more meal out of our pizzas)!

Pizza 4After pre-baking the crusts, I set out the ingredients and everyone built their own perfect pie.

Pizza 1I started mine with a base of garlic olive oil and bacon leftover from breakfast.  (We normally wouldn’t have leftover bacon, but I threatened my family with their lives, so there you go.)

Pizza 2To my base I added mushrooms, broccoli, and red bell peppers.

Pizza 3Finally, I topped my masterpiece with arugula, fresh basil, more garlic olive oil, and a few shakes of balsamic vinegar.  I didn’t even miss the cheese!  (That’s a lie.  I missed the cheese, but it was still darn good without it!)

Pizza 7Here are our beautiful pizzas, right out of the oven.

If you think this detox is about uninteresting food and deprivation, think again!  Four days done!



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