RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 8

I taught my class today to a group of sugar detoxers who are also on Day 8.  I led this same group of amazing women through the detox last spring, so they’re veterans.  By now, most of them are over their headaches, lethargy, and other detox symptoms.  Some didn’t experience any negative side effects at all, and some of them have had different ones than before. One of the women made a really good point that I want to share.  Friday is traditionally the night that she and her boyfriend go out for cocktails to unwind from the week.  Rather than trying to replace her martini with something else (sugar-free, non-alcoholic) that probably would not have done the trick, she planned an experience instead.  In other words, instead of going out for the usual Friday night drinks, they skipped drinking all together and opted for a fun activity.  This is a great example of behavior change that didn’t keep her from having fun, but kept her out of danger (i.e. temptation) in the sugar department.

Speaking of temptation, this is on their office counter:CandyIs it any wonder our culture is sugar addicted?

As far as the detox goes, I’m feeling pretty good.  But, for about the last 24 hours I’ve been quite fatigued.  It was all I could do to get through last evening – I didn’t even have enough energy to do the dinner dishes.  I slept well, got the kids off to school, and returned to bed for a couple of hours.  It didn’t feel like enough.  I’ve been yawning and tired all day, like I could just sleep and sleep some more.  This is what a Hashimoto’s flare feels like.  (Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease where my own immune system attacks my thyroid.  One of the many side effects is fatigue.)  Uggghhh!

I made a quick breakfast of pancakes.  One tip about this detox is you don’t have to change things up every day.  If something works, make it again.  Keeping things as simple as possible is one key to success.  Save the more complicated recipes for the weekends when you have more time.  We’ve had these pancakes several times because they’re quick, easy, healthy, and everyone loves them.  (In case you missed it, simply blend 2 eggs with 1 green tipped banana for every person you’re feeding.  Cook them on a hot griddle or pan coated with coconut oil.  That’s it!)  We top them with lots of butter, cinnamon, and toasted coconut.  My daughter, who’s not doing the detox, adds maple syrup to hers.  In fact, she couldn’t quite finish hers this morning, so my son ate about 1/3 of a pancake from her plate.  He nearly spit it out because he said it was SO sweet.  This from a boy who used to beg for more syrup on things!Pancakes

I grabbed a quick lunch between appointments at Dick’s Kitchen, a local Portland restaurant that prioritizes healthy, nurturing food for its patrons.  I almost always order the same thing:  Small Dinosaur Chop Kale Salad with a grass-fed burger patty on top.  I substitute the lemon parsley salad dressing for the raspberry vinaigrette and omit the cheese.  (When I’m not detoxing I add a small side of yam “Not Fries” and have a Paleo Parfait for dessert.  Not today though.)  It’s so good I was almost half way through when I remembered to take a picture.Lunch

Dinner was Coconut-Basil Halibut with Spinach, from The 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook, only I used cod (much easier on the budget).  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It was very flavorful!Fish

Day 8’s done, it’s 8:30 and yes, I’m going to bed!


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