RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 9

My Hashimoto’s is kicking my butt with fatigue again today.  But at least I’m nourishing my body with non-inflammatory, healthy foods and taking time to rest when I’m able.  I can’t imagine dealing with an autoimmune disease and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) at the same time.  I’m pretty sure I’d barely be able to function.

Due to my tiredness, I have no new meals to share with you.  Thank goodness my fridge is (or was!) full of leftovers.  I ate three solid meals, with very little effort.

Breakfast was bacon and eggs and store bought kraut.  Fermented foods are very healing to the gut so I often try to incorporate them in my meals.  breakfast


I did make it to Costco this morning and was pleased to see items that work for the detox, like pistachios and macadamia nuts.  Costco prices make them affordable and they’re great for snacks.CostcoNuts

Lunch was leftover cod from yesterday.  I swear it was even better the second day as the flavors of the basil, ginger and garlic melded overnight. My dad came by this afternoon and I offered him some for lunch.  I wilted some baby kale in a bit of coconut oil and poured the cod and coconut milk mixture over the top.  He finished the fish then asked if I would mind if he drank the rest out of the bowl.  It’s that good!

My dinner plan went awry when I was delayed getting back from a doctor’s appointment with my mom who just had hip replacement surgery.  I had planned to make a chicken salad (I baked the chicken breasts yesterday) but my daughter didn’t want chicken.  So, my hubby and kids got hotdogs (yes, I keep hotdogs in the house!) while I ate leftover chicken from day 5 with a side of roasted green beans.

Today was the first day I thought about chocolate.  As I was hunting for something in a purse, I found a chocolate bar I’d purchased a few weeks ago.  It’s super healthy, organic, locally made, and sweetened only with dates.  I was thinking how yummy that smooth chocolate would taste as it melted on my tongue. And then I walked away.

2 thoughts on “RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 9

  1. I have Hashi too and I have to eat well in order to feel well. A lot of people don’t understand. I get a lot of eye rolls and snide remarks because of my choices. It’s so strange to me that someone would judge or criticize me because I am doing something good for myself. I love seeing awareness about how what you eat matters and can actually change a lot about how your body works. The criticism is becoming less and less as the years go by. In fact one of my biggest critics has recently changed his ways after a long bout w/eczema. He started cutting out gluten and processed and fast food and his eczema has disappeared. Go figure. 😉 Anyway, thanks for spreading your knowledge. I can’t wait to follow your sugar detox program on the news.

  2. Samantha, thanks so much for your thoughtful response. I think the eye rolling and snide remarks have more to do with the person(s) giving them than they do with you. Some people may find it threatening to see someone they know take control of their health, when they themselves are having trouble doing so. Anyway, keep self-care at the top of your list and don’t let the naysayers get to you. 😉

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