RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 15

Before I get into the particulars of what I ate today (and some other exciting news), I’d like to ask a favor.  It was just brought to my attention that readers aren’t able to comment on my daily posts.  I thought perhaps not many people actually read my daily posts, but it may be that I’m just learning the ins and outs of WordPress and haven’t actually had things properly set up for comments.  I’m hoping it’s the latter.  Anyway, if you would be so kind as to post a comment, if you’re able, I would be very appreciative.  I mainly want to see who’s here and if the comments thingy works.  Thanks!

Between teaching a make-up class first thing this morning and my noon RESTART Sugar Detox group, I spent much of my free time getting dressed, as in, having other people dress me in clothes and accessories that look current and fashionable. Why?  Because the 2 minutes of fame I enjoyed earlier this month when interviewed by KGW News isn’t the end of the line.  Soon I will be helping a KATU News anchor detox from sugar while viewers all over Oregon and SW Washington witness his journey on the early morning news.  We’re filming a preview tomorrow and I will appear with him on the early morning news LIVE next Tuesday, February 3rd.  I’ve also been invited to appear on Channel 2’s morning show AM Northwest on Monday, February 2nd, educating about the dangers of sugar, how sugar is marketed to children, and how to kick your sugar habit.  (A big shout out to Paloma Clothing for helping me with wardrobe enhancements!)

Now food…

You’ll never guess what we had for breakfast!  I’m not even going to say it, but here’s a hint:  It starts with a “p” and comes in a short stack.  And bacon.  Three slices.

Lunch was a bit of an after thought because I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  But I stopped long enough to heat a piece of leftover bacon-wrapped pork (ok, well, that makes 4 slices of bacon) and some scrumptious pickled carrots, radishes, and cauliflower that a dear friend bought for me.Pickled

Moon Brine


I was in the mood for sweet potato “fries”, so dinner revolved around that.  A grass-fed burger patty, leftover Creamy Cucumber Salad and baked yam yummy-ness!  (It looks a bit sparse, but it filled me up.)Dinner

That’s all folks!

p.s. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you can.



22 thoughts on “RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 15

  1. I think you must have fixed the comment thing because I’ve not seen this option (to Leave a Reply) before now. Congrats and I’m setting my DVR for Monday and Tuesday now!

  2. Hooray! Thanks for sharing the ins and outs of your journey each day. It is really helpful and eye opening! Congratulations on your upcoming tv gig! Can’t wait to see you on the screen! Help people get healthy! Yay!

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