RESTART Sugar Detox, Day 17

I DIDN’T HAVE PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST!  Ha!  Just when you thought I was getting predictable I changed it up.  (Spoiler alert:  I have 4 kids in my house for a sleepover tonight so tomorrow, pancakes are back on the menu!).  Instead I had a very reasonable breakfast of two fried eggs, sauteed greens, and one small grapefruit.  I had sort of forgotten that grapefruit was allowed on the detox, and when I saw them on special at the grocery store, I bought a few.  I have to say, it was a nice change.Grapefruit

Lunch was a bit risky.  I was out and about teaching and then delivering supplements and essential oils to clients.  It was getting late, and I wanted to eat something that I didn’t have to prepare for myself.  Basically I wanted someone else to cook so I could sit quietly and hammer out a plan for my busy week coming up.  The closest option was a Thai place, but I know that most Thai dishes contain sugar.  I knew this place could accommodate my gluten-free diet, and I scanned the menu for something I thought was relatively unsweetened.  I landed on garlic green beans with chicken.  It was delicious and wasn’t sweet, but I can’t say if it was totally sugar free.  I skipped the rice.Thai

When our guests arrived in the late afternoon, I served crudites (a French word for vegetable appetizer) – delicious pickled carrots, radishes, and carrots from Moon Brine.  They are really flavorful!Crudites

I made individual pizzas for dinner, using a crust recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks, Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple by Danielle Walker.  I topped mine with olive oil, pepperoni, mushrooms, and red bell pepper and ate it with a side salad.  If only I could eat cheese!  (I could have had pizza sauce – I actually scoured the shelves of 3 grocery stores until I found one without sugar, but I wanted something a little lighter.)Pizza

I’m in the final stretch of this sugar detox and it’s gone really well for me.  Both my classes are doing great too, reporting “side effects” like better sleep, weight loss, lack of cravings, and a new appreciation for the taste of real food.  I am so inspired by my clients, absolutely LOVE teaching these classes, and so enjoy helping people.  Pinch me!

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