A Day of Rest

If you’re anything like me, days, weeks, and sometimes months can pass before you realize you need a break.  Sure, weekends are supposed to be for relaxing, but they’re often more about running the kids around to basketball games, play dates, and horse riding lessons.  Groceries need to be purchased for the coming week and laundry needs to get done.  Not exactly restful!

And sometimes, life throws you a curve ball.  Earlier this week I ended up in the ER twice in less than 16 hours because my elderly mother kept falling.  Luckily, she’s okay, but the night of too little sleep and the stress of the long ER visits, completely dismantled any sense of normality when it comes to sleep and stress.

I desperately needed rest, and determined that today would be the day as I only had 2 phone appointments all day.  I didn’t even take a shower this morning because I knew as soon as the kids were on the school bus, I’d be going back to bed.  Only, I didn’t.  Well, I went back to bed, but not alone: my day planner, iPhone, and laptop joined me.

Why is it so hard to take a rest day?rest-day-300x240

I know my body needs a lot of rest.  Managing my Hashimoto’s depends on it.  But I didn’t do it.  Instead I “worked from bed.”  Now I regret it.  I wasn’t extraordinarily productive, nothing had to get done, and I feel like I wasted my precious, quiet alone time.  Looking at my calendar, I’m not sure when my next opportunity will be.

How do you rest and rejuvenate?  I think I need some pointers.

2 thoughts on “A Day of Rest

  1. Hi Courtney,

    So sorry to hear about the visits to the ER with your Mom – not fun for anyone. I hope she is doing better. And that even though you worked from bed today that you feel a little more refreshed. I learned 3 years ago while going through chemo and radiation, that I deserved time to relax or take a nap. At first it was really hard to do because the to do list was always too long to “take time off”. But ultimately there were nights where I just couldn’t stay awake and was in bed before the kids…and I learned that the items on my “to do” list were always patiently waiting for me. The world didn’t end because they weren’t done, and no one was hurt. You too deserve “time off” – it is good for your health, soul, family, business, etc. Take time for you! – Tracy

    • Tracy,
      Thanks, you are so right! I love how you describe the to do list as “patiently waiting” for you. It’s true. Nothing on my list was urgent. I just have a hard time “doing nothing.” But I know taking time for myself is not “nothing” and self-care is critical. I’ll do better!

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