Baby I’m Amazed

Ever have one of those years that was overshadowed by more bad stuff than good?  Or several of those years in a row?  Don’t get me wrong.  Plenty of good has happened in my life over the past several years, but my husband and I have had several New Year’s Eve conversations that ended with something like “I’m sure glad this year’s behind us.  Let’s hope next year’s better.”  Perhaps it was excessive worry resulting from a declining parent; disappointment in not getting the job promotion we’d hoped for; a difficult situation in the family; a health crisis; or financial stress.  Whatever the case, it seemed like the negatives outweighed the positives.

Well, things have definitely taken a turn for the better so far this year.  New Year’s Eve 2014 we celebrated with friends in our new home that we love.  Nourish Portland has gotten lots of great and unexpected press from KGW Channel 8 and KATU Channel 2 over the past several weeks, and I’m thrilled to be starting in my new office space next week.  Our kids are thriving.  My health is improving.  It’s all good!2015 letters with starfish, ocean , beach and seascape, shallow


So what’s next for this blog?  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll write about over the next month or so, but at the end of March I finish a 4-month supplement protocol for heavy metal toxicity and SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) which has had me taking over 100 pills a day!


This should take me to the next phase of treatment – the prevention phase which involves a strict diet to be sure the bacteria do not migrate back into my small intestine where they wreak all sorts of havoc.  I won’t give too much away now regarding what I will/won’t be eating.  Honestly, I’m afraid to look until right before I start because part of me doesn’t want to know.  I’m not even sure how long I’ll be eating this way.  Six months?  A year?  I see my doctor on March 10th and will know more details then.  I do know it will give me plenty to write about.  I’d also like to write more about Hashimoto’s – the autoimmune disease that thinks my thyroid is a foreign invader so my own immune system keeps attacking it.

I hope you’ll stay tuned.

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