SIBO Prevention

On April 1st I begin the “prevention phase” of my SIBO protocol.  Basically, I’ll be eating an SCD plus low FODMAP diet for a period of three months (maybe longer).  For the past four months I have been eradicating an overgrowth of bacteria in my small intestine with a combination of herbs/natural antibiotics (high doses of garlic, oregano oil, neem, and berberine complex).  The next step is to keep it from coming back.  I will cease taking the herbs and start taking low-dose erythromycin and some bad-ass probiotics to inoculate my gut with some good microbes, and implement the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) and low FODMAP diet.  At times this feels like a monumental undertaking due to all the food restrictions, but when I think about healing my gut and optimizing my digestion, it’s worth it.  I will blog regularly about what I’m eating as well as all the lifestyle measures I’m taking to put SIBO in my rear view mirror once and for all.

CroakThe pharmacy misspelled my name…I hope I don’t croak!

And because I am who I am, I have created a spreadsheet to track everything:  meals, moods, symptoms, sleep, hydration, meditation, exercise, and other self-care actions.  This, I hope, will help me stay on track, stay accountable, and help me document the process here on my blog.  I also compiled all of my notes from doctors, the SIBO Symposium (yes, I attended this seminar before I even knew I had it), and other sources into a SIBO notebook so I can refer to it as needed.  Last but not least, I downloaded the new SIBO app on my iPhone so when I’m out in the world I can look up which foods are “legal” and “illegal”.  (Yes, there is even a SIBO app and it’s free!)

SIBO Screenshot



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