Day 3: An Open Letter to Chocolate


Dear Chocolate,

Did you have to be on the “no” list? Three months without you is cruel, especially because you’re everywhere I look and because I truly love you, Dark Chocolate. A well meaning friend brought 2 of your bars to our knitting group last night, one with salt and lime which sounds interesting but wasn’t actually very good, they reported. What’s with the funky flavors? Trust me when I tell you it’s okay to just be you. In my eyes, you don’t need any added flavoring as long as you stay true to your rich and creamy nature. Today, New Season’s was giving out samples of your Missionary truffles – one of my very favorites, and a possible exception to my previous remark about not enhancing your flavor. My daughter sure enjoyed her sample of the Salted CarameI truffle. She promises to take me to New Season’s on day 91 so I can have a taste for myself (or the whole box!). I actually bought 3 bags of your delicious Dark Chocolate Honey Mints from Trader Joe’s yesterday – 2 for Easter baskets and one for general consumption, myself excluded. Clearly I’m a selfless, generous person, Chocolate. With Easter just two days away I know I’ll have to confront you at least half a million times over the next week or two. You know what? You’ve been treating me wrong, mister! I don’t like being excluded.

But what I truly hate even more than being excluded, is being sick. So, Chocolate, it breaks my heart to do this, but I must break up with you. We’ve had a long, delicious relationship, but you’re just not in my best interest right now. I hope it’s not forever, as that might just be the end of me. But for the time being, we’re just no good together.

I will savor the memory of you while we’re apart. I loved your “Enjoy Life” brand of mini chips as they melted between buttery layers of my favorite pancakes. Heck, your German cousins were in my birthday cakes for at least 40 years! And while I’ll always cherish every holiday and special occasion we were together, it was the little things, the every day moments that we shared, that I will miss the most.

Farewell, Chocolate, how I have loved you so.



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