Days 4 & 5: Coconut Cream, OMG!

I discovered Coconut Cream and it has changed my life!  Look at this:

pic4Fresh strawberries topped with coconut cream and toasted coconut!

You can whip up a batch in a couple of minutes with a can or carton of real 100% coconut cream, a teaspoon of vanilla, and a hand mixer.  You make it just like whipped cream, except you don’t add any sweetener.  It doesn’t need it as coconut is naturally sweet.  I use this brand of coconut milk and coconut cream because it has no gums or fillers of any sort.  It’s the real deal straight from Thailand, and available at Uwajimaya and other Asian markets.  I paid $3.99 per carton.pic7

I couldn’t resist using the leftover coconut whipped cream (stored in a lidded jar in the fridge overnight which made it nice and thick) for breakfast this morning.  I fried some banana slices in coconut oil (about 2-3 min. per side) and sprinkled cinnamon on top.  A scoop of the whipped cream and coconut flakes, and voila!, a sweet side dish with breakfast (bacon and eggs, yo!).pic5


Other meals this weekend (sadly, not using coconut cream) involved purchasing a rotisserie chicken from New Season’s.  I was happy to know they’re GMO-free, free-range (too bad they’re not organic, but sometimes convenience wins the day), and the only additives are salt and pepper.Rotisserie

I immediately had some of this chicken because warm, right out of the container, it’s delicious.  Especially the skin.  But then I used it with a saute of leftover bacon, baby greens (kale, chard, spinach – right out of the bag), and bell peppers.  Chix

The next morning, I put two eggs on it and called it breakfast.  When your options are limited, you do what you can to innovate.put an egg on it

Dinner last night was a “hamburger salad” (see previous sentence).  Grass-fed beef, arugula, tomato, a few random leftover veggies, a drizzle of olive oil.  Not bad!pic2

Tonight we had pork chops, arugula “salad” (arugula tossed with olive oil for me, and balsamic vinegar added for my other peeps), and carrots that I nearly burned sauteed in coconut oil, with a splash of apple cider vinegar, a tsp. of Madras curry powder, and a spot of honey.  This recipe was inspired by the latest issue of “Paleo” magazine, only their’s has raisins and is served cold as a salad.  I didn’t want two cold veggie sides so I made it a hot dish instead.Pork chop

I can’t stop thinking about the coconut cream in my fridge.  I may whip some up once the kids go to bed and finish off the fresh strawberries!

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