Days 7-9: The ‘F’ Word



One thing I’m discovering about adhering to my current food protocol (notice I didn’t call it a “diet”) is that it’s easier to do when I remove food from it’s pedestal.  What on earth do I mean?  Well, before eating in this manner, life pretty much revolved around the next meal.  I spent lots of time planning, shopping, preparing, cooking, eating, and cleaning up after delicious homemade dinners.  I went out of my way to make food taste good for myself and my family, using a variety of ingredients.  I might make a spicy curry dish one night, and roasted pork with root veggies the next.  Other than excluding dairy and gluten, I didn’t have to pay much attention as long as it was good quality and enjoyable.

Being on a stricter protocol would get tedious and frustrating real quick if I tried to cook and eat like before. So, now I focus on other things more, and food less.  I might eat the same breakfast every day, have dinner leftovers for lunch, repeat the same snack each day, and rotate which protein I’m eating for dinner, but otherwise things look pretty much the same from day to day.  This frees me up to focus on exercise and other self-care measures I’m trying to add into my daily routine.  My family, of course, is not eating this way, so I still make sure they enjoy more variety, but I keep it as simple as possible.

Part of this strategy, of course, is mental.  Instead of focusing so much on eating, I treat it more as just another step in my routine, like brushing my teeth.  I focus more of my attention to WORKING OUT, TAKING A HOT BATH, GETTING ADEQUATE SLEEP, SPENDING QUALITY TIME WITH MY FAMILY, MEDITATING, RELAXING, MEETING UP WITH FRIENDS, DRINKING ENOUGH WATER, PLAYING, etc.  These things feed my soul, not just my belly!  This holistic (treating the whole person) perspective, I truly believe, is critical to my healing. Self-Care_wallpaper


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