Day 33: Ups & Downs

For what it’s worth, I’m a third of the way through this SIBO prevention protocol.  Let’s be honest:  it’s been really hard! Hard not just because the diet is so extremely limited, but because of the uncertainty if it’s working.  Disclaimer:  You may find this post to contain TMI.  Read on at your own risk.

I have good days and not-so-good days.  Some days I’m bloated and uncomfortable.  Most days I have at least one bowel movement (more often 5’s and 6’s on the Bristol Stool chart, than 3’s and 4’s), some days none.  Most of my stools float, so I’m not digesting fat.  I was digesting fat just fine during the 4-month herbal protocol.  I’m not sure what’s changed – God knows I eat a LOT of fat these days.bristol_stool_chart

I recently experienced a few days of extreme fatigue, but then again I had spent the weekend in a seminar, followed by a Sunday night presentation on the dangers of EMF’s, and my husband was out of town for six days, so I suppose fatigue was to be expected.

My heart’s been fluttering and a blood vessel burst in my eye, making me wonder what the hell’s going on with my cardiovascular system.  I take a fair amount of magnesium – is something depleting it?  I will definitely be asking my doctor about it this week.

I’ve been slightly more lenient with food.  That means I’ve risked eating out a total of 5-6 times so I can’t be absolutely certain about the ingredients I’ve eaten, though I’ve been very careful.  I know I’ve had garlic and onion exposure (not exactly agent orange!), I had some salad dressing (<2 tsp.) that contained canola oil, and I had to pick the celery out of an otherwise “legal” curry chicken salad so perhaps I didn’t omit it all, but other than that I’ve been squeaky clean.

I’ve religiously taken my probiotics morning and night, along with my low-dose Erythromycin, though admittedly there have been a handful of lunches and a dinner or two where I missed my usual supplements.  I’ve been pretty good getting adequate water.  I even downloaded an app on my iPhone called “WaterLogged” to track my intake.  Other than a few nights of erratic sleep and some anxiety dreams, I’ve slept well – usually at least 8 hours.  Exercise, meditation, and other self-care measures have been a bit more hit-and-miss than I’d like, so I need to refocus my attention there.

My weight has been up and down within the same 5 lbs. since the start.  Though I’m not doing this to lose weight, I am frustrated that my weight hasn’t been trending downward as much as I expected it would given my very low-carb diet.  The nutritionist in me knows there is an underlying cause for this, I just don’t know what it is yet.  A lot of detective work is involved in finding root causes of health issues!

Now for the good stuff:

Meal Highlights

I mentioned going out to eat a few times.  Here are some of the meals I enjoyed, some more so than others.RadarThis was the most amazing meal I’ve had in ages!  From North Portland’s Mississippi neighborhood’s Radar restaurant.  The owner and chef went out of their way to try to accommodate me.  This was their “chicken under a brick” over sauteed mushrooms and topped with watercress.  Divine!  I enjoyed a glass and a half of cabernet – the first alcohol I’d had in weeks.

kids' parfaitsHere are my kids enjoying their yogurt parfaits from Medley in SW Portland’s Multnomah Village…

Medley smoothie And me with a smoothie.  I love Medley for their tea menu, but they also make great food with lots of gluten- and dairy-free options.  It was here I discovered their Curry Chicken Salad (not pictured) where I can eat all but the celery.  They make their own mayonnaise which makes the dish possible for me to eat.  I was so happy I almost cried.

Shrimp saladBoy, do I miss Thai food.  We have a great Thai place in our neighborhood, Ploy’s, and the only thing on the menu I could eat was this shrimp salad – dry, except for a squeeze of lime.  Not bad, not great!  The shrimp were sure tasty though.

Chix saladHere’s a chicken salad I put together with some leftover rotisserie chicken from New Season’s.  Mac nuts on the side.  Olive oil, salt and pepper for dressing.

greens-n-beefI make sure I always have bacon on hand (cook a bunch at once for the week).  It adds flavor to my sauteed ground meat (grass-fed beef in this case) and greens (baby kale, spinach, and chard).  Quick and easy!

FlatIron 1With all the amazing weather Portland’s been enjoying, we’ve been grilling whenever possible.  Nothing beats a perfectly cooked flatiron steak.  On the side are grilled peppers and green beans, and good old arugula.

FlatIron 2The next day I had a friend over for lunch.  I reheated some steak and she brought the kale, cabbage, cucumber, sunflower seed salad.  It was the perfect combination.  A small glass of kombucha made for a refreshing drink!

PopoverMissing baked goods, I recently discovered an easy popover recipe that even I can eat!  It has eggs, coconut flour, coconut milk, and salt.  Isn’t it lovely?!!

Popover breakfastThis was a little too much food, but here’s a bacon and egg scramble, cantaloupe, and three popovers topped with ghee (clarified butter) and honey.

As you can see, I’m not starving.  Just 58 more days!

One thought on “Day 33: Ups & Downs

  1. Amazing, what you are going thru. 58 days sounds like a lot, but you know it really isn’t. I’m having serious sugar issues. Not craving at all, but if it is around and I start, can’t seem to stop! Nevet experienced this before. Time to revisit my sugar detox package. Hang in there,

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