Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Though I’ve never been, somehow I feel like I’m at confession:  “Forgive me, it’s been 20 days since my last post.”  That was the post I admitted falling off the rails.  What’s happened since?  Life’s been good for the most part – and busy as always.  We’re winding down the school year and looking forward to the lazy days of summer.

As for falling off the rails, I’m still off where SIBO prevention is concerned.  I have been eating a mostly paleo diet, with a slice of gluten-free raisin bread from New Cascadia Bakery now and again, or maybe daily (but just one slice).  Grain free, otherwise (well, except for a wee bit of rice, and I mean like 1/2 cup twice in the last month).  I’m nearing the end of 4 weeks on a new round of herbs – Dysbiocide and FC-Cidal (Biotics “big guns” for treating SIBO) and I’ve been feeling great!  My body responds well to herbs.  A few more glory days left, then back to prevention.  What does this mean?  I’ll get to that in a minute.

I just saw my doc.  My chief complaint is severely itchy ears (now that the herbs have calmed my gut bloating).  He wants me off eggs as itchy ears are typically indicative of food sensitivity, and eggs are a common culprit.  Giving up eggs hasn’t exactly sunk in yet.  He says I should know within 4-5 days if eggs are the issue.  And if they are, I will surely die!  Have I mentioned I eat at least 2 eggs every day of my life?  Probably more when I’m trying to prevent SIBO from recurring?  And as soon as my herbs run out in a few days, I will be revisiting the SIBO prevention diet – SCD/low-FODMAP.  I have one word:  f*#k!  NO eggs, NO grains, loads-of-peppers-and-greens-and-bacon-and-other-meat-and-10 green beans at a time, NO onions or garlic, and NO chocolate – in other words NO fun whatsoever!  I agreed to be strict for the first 7-10 days, then play around with introducing foods.

I spent the weekend at the 2nd annual SIBO Symposium where top GI docs (MD’s and ND’s) from all over the country presented the latest research in SIBO, treatment options, and numerous case studies.  My big take-away:  A definitive treatment does not exist!  Everyone is different and therefore everyone responds differently.  The recidivism rate is sky high in a matter of months.  So, I’m asking myself, If this is a chronic condition, why the hell am I jumping through all these hoops to kill the bastards (and by that I mean the bacteria in my small bowel that shouldn’t be there, except that they are)?  Why not just accept the uncomfortable symptoms, take some herbs now and then, and get on with my life?  Because, says my doc, he has had patients heal completely, so there is hope.

I’ll be back on low-dose Erythromycin (prokinetic) to help with my MMC (migrating motor complex) that helps the small intestine flush itself clean several times a day.  (Those of us with SIBO have problematic MMC’s.)  I’ll be adding in Acetyl-L-Carnitine (transports fatty acids to the mitochondria for breakdown) and Iberogast (additional prokinetic) this time around.  And, I’ll be taking Prescript-Assist (probiotic) twice a day to repopulate my gut with healthy bacteria.  And, of course, the prevention diet, though after the first 7-10 days I will likely lighten up a bit as my body allows.  I will also be having a full blood panel done next week, including lipids, thryoid antobodies, and more, plus a urine test to see where I’m at with heavy metals.  Let the good times roll!

Oh, by the way, I’m collaborating with another Portland practitioner to start a SIBO Support Program.  We’ll have monthly meet-ups, potlucks, food demos, speakers, etc. as well as private nutritional counseling packages available specifically for SIBO sufferers.  Stay tuned for more information from the “Happy Gut Girls.”

Happy Gut 1

Happy Gut 2


2 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

  1. Hello Courtney,
    Very sorry to hear you have SIBO which I does have to (since I lived few years in China). We are looking for THE ingredient to help us live normally again. I would like to share with you my story, which may help you too.

    In & Back from China, I tried many differents doctors with no clue about IBS / SIBO. None of their treatment helped, up until i googled my symptoms. In the end I started taking this probiotic called Align which improved a bit my situation… until I stopped taking it. Which means it’s not solving the core issue. I was a bit in dispair because Align can only be bought from USA, and since I live in Europe it takes weeks to arrive… and so it’s weeks of suffering. Well I couldn’t take it anymore, I was going on holiday and didn’t want to be suffering. I tried the good old green clay, pour it in a cup of water and drink it next day (you will find the exact way on internet or french website – this is a french tradition) AND BANG! out of the blue this was THE treatment. The one that makes you eat forbidden things again, no more big bloating or whatever. This dang cheap green clay is more effective than avoiding eating this or that, probiotics, special herb! Of course the latters help, but not as effective as this one! So my advice is: stop having impossible diets and try green clay. You will live again. It’s a matter of few days/weeks max.

    Wish you the best!

    • JSR, thanks for your comments and for sharing your story. I will look into it for sure. That being said, I’m feeling much better. Avoiding gluten and dairy as always (due to autoimmunity) and I’m mostly grain free, but otherwise haven’t been restricting my diet and most of my symptoms have abated. I am continuing on probiotics daily (Prescript-Assist) as well as a prokinetic (low-dose Erythromycin) as a preventative.

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