My RESTART Program Chronicles: Day 1

One of my very favorite things in my work is teaching the RESTART Program – a five week class with a 3-week sugar detox built in.  I’ve been teaching it for the past 3 years and absolutely love to see my clients’ health transform.  I help guide my groups through the sometimes difficult side effects of giving up sugar (what I refer to as the “carb flu”); teach about digestion, blood sugar balance, and healthy fats; and offer emotional support all along the way.  But I don’t usually DO the detox with them, mainly because I eat a fairly clean diet and if I joined every class I teach on the detox, I would literally be detoxing several months out of the year.

But this time, and of his own free will, my husband Andrew is one of my participants.  This is the first detox of its kind (or maybe any kind) he’s ever done.  So, it only seemed right to do it with him.  After all, I do all the grocery shopping, cook all our food and I really want to support him, so I’m all in.  Today and for the next 20 days I hope to post how it’s going, what we’re eating, any challenges we’re facing, and so on.

Day one, yesterday, was a snap.  We had six house guests with us for breakfast and lunch, I taught my Sunday RESTART group in between, and I was excited to get started.

Oh, wait!  Let me back up a second and mention our pre-detox dinner.  It was my lovely mother-in-law’s 70th birthday celebration this weekend and both her kids and their spouses took her out to a lovely dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, Brooklyn House.  We had a delicious Last Supper with a couple glasses of wine, appetizers, dinner, and rich, yummy desserts all around.  I don’t often indulge like this, but it was a special occasion and I knew it would be a while before I’d enjoy another meal like this one.  Let’s just say I slept poorly, my stomach was overly full, and I probably could have skipped that second glass of wine.  Yes, it was totally worth it!img_0244

Back to Day 1:  Breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs with salsa, avocado, bacon, a bit of sauerkraut, half a grapefruit, tea and water.  It was delicious and satisfying.  img_0245Fruit is very limited on this program, so I savored every last drop of that half grapefruit!  The fat content of the meal kept me satiated for several hours.

For lunch, I served up an organic rotisserie chicken (and refrained from skinning the whole bird and popping it into my mouth as I’ve been known to do) with a large, colorful green salad with oil and vinegar.  I used organic spring greens, more avocado (it’s a theme, as you will see), red bell peppers, cucumbers, and red onion.  To drink I shared a bottle of kombucha with my sweetie.img_0246I garnished my plate with a few amazing garlic olives (more good fat)!img_0247

Lunch was a bit late (1:30) and in the late afternoon I had a “dainty handful” of almonds, but I wasn’t up for cooking a big dinner (sorry, kids!) so I’ll spare you the picture of the two fried eggs I ate for my final meal of the day (which my 10 year old daughter prepared for me).

img_0249Geez, my hand looks HUGE in this picture! Ah, well.

Just 20 more days to go!


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