RESTART Program Chronices: Day 6

Today was a bit discombobulated!  I had a simple breakfast (two fried eggs, 3 slices of bacon, half a grapefruit) first thing in the morning.  After the kids left for school I attended my usual 90-minute yoga class.  I came home, quickly wiped down my kitchen counters and piled all the breakfast dishes in the sink in order to host my Friday morning RESTART group.

I love teaching the RESTART Program from my home because I can do food demos.  The week’s topic was healthy fats so I made my pancakes (Recipe: 2 eggs + 1 green tipped banana, blended, per person) with plenty of butter, cinnamon, and toasted coconut on top.  They were a huge hit and SO easy!  I also made bulletproof coffee (coffee blended with fat).  I used equal parts butter, coconut oil, and also a bit of coconut cream that I had on hand.  The blender emulsifies the fat into the coffee and it comes out resembling a latte, froth and all.  I forgot to take a picture, darn it!

The demo’s were a great morning snack.  I had about 30 minutes between the time the class left and I had to be at my next appointment, so I reheated some leftover zoodles with meat sauce for lunch.  So far, so good.  I felt very satisfied and satiated, as you might expect.

I’d signed up to volunteer at an event at my daughter’s elementary school from 3:30 to 8:00.  The demand for help at these events is always far greater than the supply, thus the long time span which was actually 4 different jobs broken down into 4 back-to-back shifts.  My first shift ended earlier than expected, so I had time to run to New Season’s for some food at around 5:00.  I ordered the “French Burger” w/o the cheese, bun, or condiments.  Sounds tasty, oui?  Non!  Pas bon!   It was an overcooked grass-fed burger patty with some lettuce (the menu promised arugula but apparently they were out…stunning since they sell arugula at the other end of the store), out of season tomato, red onion, and at my request, avocado.  I ate it because I ordered it and paid for it, but I know they can do much, much better.img_0283That’s garlic aoli on the side.  Though it likely had soy in it, it’s the only thing that made this palatable.  I used just a dab.

I returned to my volunteer obligations, snacking on a few nuts that I had in my purse throughout the evening.  I was not prepared well.  If I hadn’t had the break at 5:00 I would have been “hangry” and probably would have made several young children cry at the school event.  (Kidding…but I would have been miserable.)  I got home exhausted and was in bed by 8:30.  When I turned the light out to go to sleep I was hungry.

Planning is key on this program.  When our schedules are messy it’s really important to have grab-and-go foods on hand.  I guess I’ll just celebrate that I got through it with just a wee bit of soy and a growling belly.

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