RESTART Program Chronicles: Days 7 & 8

This was one of those weekends where my family needed a spreadsheet to keep track of who needed to be where, when, doing what.  For the kids there were play dates, a school event, a birthday/slumber party, and I forget what else.  I had volunteer work at the school event, yoga teacher training on both Saturday and Sunday, a party to attend Saturday evening, my Sunday RESTART class, and a school auction committee meeting.  And through it all, many unsweetened meals!

Busy weekends can really challenge one’s ability to avoid sugar, let alone grocery shopping or meal planning, but we managed.  Saturday breakfast was, you guessed it!  Bacon, eggs, avocado, and grapefruit.  Admittedly, I’m getting a bit tired of eggs.img_0284

My yoga training went from 9:00 to 1:15 and I had to run home, change clothes, and get my daughter to a birthday party on the other side of town by 2:00, so lunch had to wait.  On the way to the party, I snacked on a few nuts I had in a baggy in my purse, but then I gave my baggie away to a homeless guy at an intersection because he clearly needed them more than I did.  After dropping her at the party, I stopped at New Season’s for a few things (turns out I should have gotten more but my starvation was causing my brain to forget staples like eggs, green tipped bananas, etc.).  I got home to a famished 12 year old boy so I took him to “lunch” (by now it was 4 pm) at Cultured Caveman in North Portland, one of my favorite places to eat REAL food.  I had the chicken tender wraps and a tomato bacon soup.  Henry had chicken tenders w/ garlic aoli and soup, and we shared a Lion Heart Kombucha.  The boy’s mind was blown as you can see!img_0290

Our next stop was a house concert and hors d’oeuvres potluck where my dear husband was tortured by everything he couldn’t eat or drink.  I was still full from my late lunch and got by on some olives, salami, and carrot sticks.  The concert was amazing and we both enjoyed the evening out.  I also slept better than I had in several days.

Breakfast was a Mexican scramble – really just scrambled eggs with homemade guacamole and salsa – and bacon.  Did I mention I’m getting tired of eggs?!!img_0291

I had a 30 minute window to grab lunch between teaching my class and the yoga training, so I went across the street to Elephant’s Deli and had a bowl of their tasty chicken and lemongrass soup.  It has carrots, celery, onions, chicken, lemongrass, broth, and a few spices.  Totally legal!img_0292

I made it home about 37 seconds ahead of the other auction committee members I was hosting for a meeting, and snacked on more bacon and guacamole plus a few almonds.

Dinner was a take on a recipe in Diane Sanfilippo’s 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook where I browned some bacon, ground pork and beef, added spices and shredded green apple, carrots, parsnips, and mushrooms to make a hash.  It was delicious and a crowd pleaser. img_0293

It’s actually meant to be a breakfast dish, which is great because leftovers mean no eggs for breakfast tomorrow!


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