RESTART Program Chronicles: Days 15 & 16

Yesterday was a busy day!  I went to early morning yoga, taught my Sunday morning RESTART Program, attended a 4 hour yoga teacher training, and got home just in time to see Lady Gaga perform the halftime show for Super Bowl LI.

I don’t eat more than a piece of fruit before an early yoga class because it’s hard to do a forward fold with a full belly.  I had some grapefruit and packed along some yams and bacon to eat during my break.  Between my RESTART class and training, I ran across the street to Elephant’s Deli for another bowl of that chicken lemongrass soup.  It was super salty and I couldn’t finish the broth.

Dinner was a giant salad with turkey, bacon, avocado, sunflower seeds, red bell peppers, cucumbers, and celery tossed in good olive oil and fresh lemon.  My son had three helpings and I had two.  I wouldn’t let any of it go to waste.  It was a quick, easy dinner to prepare, or would have been had my jaw not been dropping at the performance of the Patriots in the second half of the game.  I’m not even a football fan!  But, wow, what a comeback!!!img_0315

Thank goodness Portland didn’t get the projected snow storm that could have buried us for days!  I think I would have lost my mind.  I started a new RESTART Program this morning and I didn’t want it to be delayed by the weather.  And if my darling children miss another day of school, they will drive me mad have to go to school until July.  That would be a shame!

Anyway, breakfast this morning was a smoothie with almond milk, Great Lakes gelatin, blueberries, spinach, and flax seeds.  The color wasn’t desirable (purple + green = something you shouldn’t eat unless you’re sure what the ingredients are) but it was ok.

I taught my class to a great group of women.  I demonstrated how to make bulletproof coffee (coffee blended with fat, in this case, ghee.)  As I was drinking my coffee I noticed that phlegm in my throat again.  So, my hunch is that I need to remove ALL dairy from my diet, even butter and ghee, the last little bit of joy I get from dairy.  Sad face.

I had an uninspired lunch of scrambled eggs, salmon, and avocado.  I didn’t have another plan and it was easy.

img_0322Boring picture of more eggs and avocado.

Inspiration came at dinnertime.  I wanted to use the pork tenderloin I’d purchased and found a recipe called Pork Wrapped Asparagus with Bacon Infused Spaghetti Squash
from PaleOMG.  Besides having the longest title in the history of recipes, it was pretty good, maybe 3 1/2 stars out of 5.  It was missing a little “je ne sais quoi”.  It probably needed something French, like fromage, but I can’t have fromage, so it wasn’t French at all.  Can you tell I’m getting giddy with sleepiness?  I should really stop writing and just go to bed.

img_0323What a terrible photo!  I’m not going to mention what I think this looks like.  Clearly I need a food stylist.

Bonne nuit!

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