Working with Courtney has a made a huge difference in my life. I came to her with several issues, all traced back to digestion, and within a few visits she has me on the road to recovery. I feel great—healthier than I’ve been in a long time!

~Katie C.

Courtney has been instrumental in guiding me with great nutritional and supplemental care. If you’re in Portland and want to work with a nutritional therapist, I highly recommend Courtney at Nourish Portland.

~Lucinda H.

I am about 2/3 of the way through the RESTART Program . I have not felt this good in years. I have more natural energy now than I did a decade ago. I strongly recommend giving it a try. It’s a challenge, but your body will thank you!  Courtney has a wealth of helpful information and hosts an awesome support group!

~Nathan V.

I realized that the traditional nutritionist was going to be way too entrenched in mainstream modern medicine – take a pill, fit the mold and keep coming to me, so I can fix you.  I needed something different.  That’s where Courtney Cronk came in. She’s a nutritional therapist and I think she pretty much saved my insides. … Courtney assessed me, by doing a number of hands-on procedures, including feeling various parts of my stomach to find out exactly where the damage was. When I started with her, my entire digestive system was really ravaged and sore, but as I began to do the elimination diet – cutting out more allergens from my diet and taking high doses of natural supplements to repair my digestion – I started to feel better. … She’s been a total game changer in my life and she can do that for you!

~Jen N.


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